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360 S7 vs S7 Pro: Which is the Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

360 S7 vs S7 Pro: With the brand new 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner you are going to clean your house with the ability to do everything you need in a very simple way. It’s one of the most spectacular fashions you’ll see, along with the spectacular suction power.

In my home, the 360 ​​S7 Pro has been working for a very long time, adopted by the S6 and S6 pro. Is the 360 S7 Pro just an adapted model of the 360 S7 or just an older one?

360 S7 vs S7 Pro

360 S7 vs S7 Pro: Price Comparison

360 S7 – Price Comparison

360 S7 Pro – Price Comparison

360 S7 vs S7 Pro: Design

The 360 S7 robotic vacuum cleaner was designed to get pleasure from any client’s house without any effort. Therefore, using this standard you can map your house and know every second to check the path of cleaning.

The 360 S7 Pro has become as burdensome as the Robbers and Debots of this world: a pair of buttons (a start / stop and a residential button) to control some of the towers and guides on the round, glossy, and blacktop.

360 S7 design360 S7 Pro design

360 S7 vs S7 Pro: Features

As for its design, we are presenting you with a standard idea for all features. This puts water * and solid tanks for one of the best power uses, you can easily clean your house. If you want to use it for a very long time, this standard gives you a time limit of about 2 hours, including four hours of charging time.

For mid-priced robotics, the Smart 360 has plenty of smarts. It does almost everything from Roborok and Romba to high-end fashions – mapping your personal home together quickly and precisely to the leader.

360 S7 vs S7 Pro: Performance

360 S7 Robotic vacuum cleaner can clean your house in just one step. Because it is in the best fashion you will find that the eco-friendly brushless motor gives it the ability to preserve the cleaner of your home in all its aspects.

The 360 S7 Pro has a huge 3200 mAh battery and takes about four hours to fully recharge. Going back to its beginnings again to spend before it restarts at 20%, however, the combination of a huge battery and a large bin is great for a giant area.

360 S7 features 360 S7 Pro features and performance

360 S7 vs S7 Pro: Conclusion

The 360 S7 Robot vacuum cleaner provides you with wonderful-inspiring options for keeping your environment clean and tidy without leaving your pockets empty.

360 S7 Pro’s mapping skills work precisely, allowing robotics to work in the dark. With the help of the app, you will be able to operate the cleaner if you do not live by yourself and can gain knowledge by doing something that is happening where the machine is working.

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360 S7 vs S7 Pro: Where to buy?

You can buy 360 S7 vs S7 Pro from online stores like Amazon, Geekbuying, Gearbest, Banggood, Aliexpress, etc.

  360 S7 360 S7 Pro
Price $299.99 $399.99
Our Rating 9.5 9.5
Brand 360 360
Category Home Appliances Home Appliances

Product Details

General Item Name: 360 S7
Brand: 360
Model: S7
Status: Available
Item Name: 360 S7 Pro
Brand: 360
Model: S7 Pro
Status: Available
Features New LDS Lidar
Using mobile APP
2000Pa Super Suction
Four anti-drop sensors
The memory of cleaning progress
Anti-collision sensors to protect
3200mAh battery
2200Pa large suction
Attention to detail cleaning
APP control
Built-in cliff sensor
First sweep
Deep cleaning mode
Intelligent room mapping
Specifications Sweeping time: 90-120Min
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Operation Noise: ≤70dB(standard mode)
Suction power: 2000 Pa
App Smart Control: Yes
Dust Box Volume: 580ml
Water Tank Capacity: 170ml
Noise: 57dB-70dB
Fan Motor: Nidec Motor
Battery Capacity: 3200mAh Lithium
Output voltage: 14.8V
Rated power: 30W
Charging voltage: DC20V
Input parameter: 100-240V
Output parameter: 20V 1.8A
WIFI Mode: Support 802.11 b/g/n Transmission agreement
WIFI Frequency Range: 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
APP: Android, iOS
Material: ABS
Remote Control: Yes
Schedule Function: Yes
Self Recharging: Yes
Climb Capability: 2CM
Cleaning Area (sq.m.): 100-200 square meters
Floor Types: Carpet,Ceramic Tile,Marble Floor,Shag Carpet,Tile Floor,Wood Floor
Dust Box Capacity: 570mL
Suction (pa): 2200pa
Power (W): 30W
Charging Time: 4 hours
Working Time: 60-120 minutes
Battery Capacity: 3200mAh
Dimensions & Weight Product Dimension(Diameter*Thickness)mm: 350*350*100mm
Product Net Weight: 3.68kg
Gross Weight: 6.80kg
Package Size: 533*435*169mm
Product Weight: 3.68 kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 350 x 350 x 100mm
Items 1 * Main Unit
1 * Charging Dock
1 * Water Tank
1 * Mopping Cloth
1 * Power Adapter
1 * User Manual (English)
1 * Cleaning Tools
5 * Universal Plugs( Optional)
6 * Water tank filter elements
1 x Piece Main Unit
1 x Piece Charging Dock
1 x Piece Water Tank
1 x Piece Mopping Cloth
1 x Piece Power Adapter
1 x Piece User Manual
5 x Piece Universal Plugs
1 x Piece Cleaning Tools
  360 S7 360 S7 Pro


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