2. Audio & Earphones

Audio & Earphones

Audio & Earphones
Audio & Earphones, small loudspeakers held or worn inside the ear of the listener or inside the outer ear Common forms include hand-held telephone receivers; Headphones, during which one or two earphones are in situ by a band worn over the head; And so the plug earphones, which are inserted into the outer opening of the ear. you can find all types of Audio & Earphones review at mdshariful.com
    • Feature 1: Direct ears
    • Feature 2: regardless of master
    • Feature 3: slave mode share
    • Feature 4: 310mAh small high-capacity
    • Feature 5: Mini and lightweight.
    • Feature 6: Click the multifunction button to play
    • Feature 7: Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless